As much as it ‘takes two to tango’, it takes common moves to make the choreography pop. A high level of synchrony can take the tango from typical to historical, you know?! One that will go down in the books.

When we decided to start our blog that’s exactly what we thought of our relationship.  We started off with a bang and we don’t plan on letting anything slow us down or even dim our light. Granted, it won’t be easy, an Aquarian from Mabopane and an Aries from Soweto – rad combination, right? Yup!

Like any relationship, we have our ups and down but like we always say, ‘energies you focus on are the ones that grow’ so focusing on the positive and on our cohesions does us better than focusing on what makes us different. Which leads me to today’s post.

We have compiled a list of our favorite personalities. These are people who motivate or inspire us as a couple. These individuals mean a lot to the both of us, although we liked them before we were together.

Daniel Caesar

He is first on the list because we plan on having him sing at our wedding – for obvious reasons. That spine-shifting voice and his great lyrical abilities, Daniel is every lovebirds’ dream. His album Freudian basically had us both believing in love again. Mpumi might not admit it but we both know that, my recommendation of that masterpiece to her took me from a maybe Bae to a definite Bae.

Ellen DeGeneres

The perfect tail of “escaped closets to riches”. She came out during what she thought was the peak of her career as an actress, which led to the cancelation of her hit comedy series and subsequent “blacklisting” of her name from the industry for about four years. But she stayed true to herself and that’s why she’s living her best life now, living her humanitarian dream while being herself.

Nasty C

Someone admitted to having a crush on him until she realized how short he is (no offence Nasty C). I, on the other hand, feel like he is my long-lost little brother. Check out our instagram page for the disappointment from the both of us when I accidentally missed an email confirming our seats for one of his live shows. I still get chest pains thinking about it. Young King is one of the best rappers of our time. The level of consistency from Price City mixtape to his first album, Bad Hair, and his newly-released album, Strings and Blings. All these have kept him on our lips and on our playlists. WE LOVE NASTY C!!

Connie Ferguson

Sheer class and grace. That’s what she is. Mrs. Ferguson has had us both looking up to her from our childhood days. She has kept this regal glow all these years and has continued to stay top of her game without dimming any other woman’s light. Her and her husband have always kept their family business off the streets and simply focused on building their empire.

Gabrielle and Dwayne Wade

“Baes who gym together, pray together… slay and stay together.” As cheesy as that sounds it’s exactly the lifestyle that has kept Gabrielle and Dwayne Wade together. Mpumi has also been a fan of Gabrielle since… well, forever. She’s watched all her movies (a dozen times) and sometimes has that ‘Gab attitude’ going.

Reason and Loot love

Two words… Bae goals. We love couples who support each other, so this is what makes us adore these two. Well… apart from the music, presenter skills and Loot’s hotness.

Black Motion

If you have witnessed these Sosha natives on stage, you know why they belong on world stages. Thabo and Bongz take original African musical elements and infuse deep house beats and their theatrical dance moves into an electrical performance. They host an annual New Year’s Day event in their home town, Soshanguve, which happens to be a walking distance away from my grandmother’s house.

Issa Rae

“Go for it, go for it, go!” If you’re a fan, you’ll know what I did there… Hugely known for her role on Insecure, Issa is a young American actress, writer, director and producer. Impressive, right? We love seeing women doing amazing things, and this girl is killing it. She’s a game changer in modern television.

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