Castle Lite Hip Hop Herstory

We attended the Castle Lite Hip Hop Herstory concert, which highlighted the role women have played in the evolution of Hip Hop. The concert was hosted by our very own LootLove, Ugandan radio host, Lee Kasumba and Angela Yee from The Breakfast Club.

Creating history on stage were American rapper, Young M.A., Rouge, Nadia Nakai, Fifi Cooper and Moozlie. But setting the stage on fire for us was performance artist, designer and musician, Manthe Ribane. It was our first time seeing or hearing this lady, and she killed the stage when she performed ‘Teleported’.

We wondered which rock we’ve been hiding under. So, the day after the concert we did some digging and found out that she’s actually been around. We checked out more of her music and we’re in love! We unfortunately don’t have her videos from the Castle Lite concert, but have included Teleported created by her and OKZharp video below. Let us know what you think.

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