Very few TV commercials catch our attention, but there’s one brand we can always trust to keep South Africans laughing. Nando’s!

Last year, they reminded South Africans that they can fix our sh!t and their latest ad is something we can all fix.

We’re all aware of the phrase “You people” which is often used by South Africans when describing people who are different to them. It’s a phrase that goes hand in hand with an unconscious bias. It’s used in jest, as a slight and even in outright confrontation – and many South Africans are likely to have used the phrase at one time or another.

In a hilarious ‘a-ha’ moment, Nando’s highlights the ways in which South Africans typically stereotype one another and the hypocrisies that go with that.

In the ad you’ll find uniquely South African scenes from all walks of life knowingly and unknowingly pigeonholing one another. Check it out below and let us know what you think. The last scene… KILLER!

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