Anybody who knows me well knows that I’ve always loved TV, and I still do. However, about a year ago I experienced issues with my DStv connection – not DStv’s fault. And this made me stop watching TV. I signed up for Netflix and started indulging in that. But as a black South African I couldn’t only watch American TV, I felt like I still needed a dose of Sunday Black TV and of course some of the other Mzansi Magic shows like The Queen and The Throne.

Luckily, I hadn’t cancelled my DStv subscription so, I decided to download the DStv Now App. I started watching some shows on Catch up (which I didn’t have previously – because I don’t have an Explora 😊). I then came across eHostela. I was very hesitant to start watching it because I expected too much violence. I let it go for a couple of weeks until a friend of mine told me it was great. Got home one Sunday and started watching the first episode. Boy was I amazed. I immediately loved it. The actors (who were all fairly new. Open up the industry – yay!), and of course the storyline, which is about true love.

Set in the heart of KwaZulu Natal’s KwaMashu township, eHostela tackles the story of two sons whose bond is bound in secrets and sealed by guns. They also add a Romeo and Juliette angle that sees a young boy and girl (Mndeni and Khethiwe) fall in love despite their difficulties and complications.

Through their hardships, Mndeni and Khethiwe found their way back into each other’s arms, and just as the nation was excited about a happily ever after, we were shocked by Jama (Mndeni’ brother) who shot and (it seems like) killed Khethiwe.

I’m so heartbroken at the fact that this Sunday will be the last episode of this show’s first season, but really cannot wait to see how it concludes. If you’ve been following the show like me and my girlfriend (who isn’t really a TV fan), don’t forget to tune into the last episode this Sunday at 20:00 channel 161. If you haven’t really been following, chat up before Sunday, yo!

Written by Mpumi

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