KwaZulu-Natal born Thami Banda has a thirst for understanding and sharing his whisky knowledge. With his high-spirited personality, he has grown to become a proud whisky connoisseur and aficionado in many countries. As the first black person to distil whisky in South Africa, he has become known for his unique perspective on the mastery of spirit, which he will now share with The Macallan’s new and old fans.

While Thami didn’t follow a conventional career path, he has had a successful journey starting out professionally as a government spokesperson before pursuing a path in whisky.  Thami didn’t plan to become a whisky connoisseur, and interestingly enough, he was never one to consume alcohol. However, that didn’t deter him from exploring the world of single malt whiskies.

The South African-based connoisseur is also a motivational speaker, commentator and coach on customer service and entrepreneurship with more than twenty years’ experience in customer satisfaction and consumers insights.  His approach is influenced by global best practices which he uses to help local entrepreneurs.

As a result of his passion for entrepreneurship and exclusive customer experience, he has developed a Master Programme called “Double Digit Growth in Three Years”, a programme focused on entrepreneurship, team work and the investor.

Commenting on his new position, Thami Banda says that he “hopes to use his unique capabilities and insights to change the way consumers experience The Macallan by taking them on the journey of the Scottish distillery in a unique and unexpected way.”

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