If you know us you know how much we love the Wade’s. A while ago I finished reading Gab’s book ‘We’re going to Need More Wine’, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I unfortunately can’t share any details because Mpumi still has to make time for it. Although working from home has doubled her working hours, I hope she will make time soon to read the book so we can write a review on that masterpiece of a book soon.

Stylish, fun and fearless actress, Gabrielle Union-Wade, is not just a phenomenal entertainer, she is also very involved in giving back to her community and raising awareness on black excellence. Her outspoken and infectious energy has even spread into the couple’s parenting skills. The couple run a quirky Instagram page for their adorable one and a half old daughter, Kaaiva James Union-Wade, which currently has 1.2 Million followers (we could learn a thing or two). They share pictures and videos of Kaaiva James with hilarious captions that bring out their personalities. But what we love most are the weekly #WCW posts which give recognition to talented and extraordinary black children and youth. Follow @KaaviaJames on Instagram for an overdose of cuteness.

Kaaiva is the youngest of the Wade clan and has 3 older siblings. Earlier this year, her parents reintroduced the world to Zaya Wade (12) formally known as Zion. Her transition sparked waves around the world. She came out as transgender at 8 years old to her loving parents which led to intimate conversations with them regarding her identity. To make her feel more confident and comfortable, her parents researched proper terms to use when addressing her.

Gab recently wrote a book titled “Welcome to the Party” which celebrates different kinds of family creations – from adoption, surrogacy and any other form that might be considered non-traditional. She was recently on The Ellen Degeneres Show and when asked what advise she has for any parent with a child going through any transition, she simply replied, “Love, listen and accept your child. Reject the notion that your children are disposable if they are not mini versions of you the parent.”

As members of the LGBTQI+ community, we give huge praise to Gab, who has created such awareness around issues that most parents choose not to speak about, and for being an amazing parent who has supported her children through it all. We’ll definitely be reading ‘Welcome to the Party’ and hope to share a review with you guys soon.  


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